Systek (Private) Limited is a research and development (R&D) based company that came into being in August 1992. It is an Electronic Engineering enterprise which is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of quality electronic products with its head office located in Karachi, Pakistan.




Systek has carried out R&D in various fields since its inception, which include Power Electronics, Telecommunication, Digital Systems and Computer Software. The company has been ever-vigilant to the changing needs of the market and has aptly responded by launching products periodically to fulfill those needs. The strength of the company lies in its strenuous efforts to study the market and develop products that attempt to solve the problems peculiar to the local environment. The company has come up with two product lines, the Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and the Telecommunication Switching Systems. There are various models of these products which are aimed at the office and home markets separately. Besides, it has also been engaged in various custom-made products and projects.

In the field of UPS it was the first firm within the country to introduce a product with large autonomy times. Then it became the first firm to launch a Quasi Sine-wave UPS and later on it also became the first firm to come up with a true On-line, pure Sine-wave UPS made in Pakistan. Lately it has become the first Pakistani firm to produce an Intelligent Line-interactive Sine-wave UPS. It manufactures UPSs from 300 VA to 3 kVA ratings with back-up times from the conventional 10 minutes to more than 6 hours at full load.

In the arena of telecommunication Systek has produced Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchanges (EPABXs) and Intercom Systems. It's Electronic Switching Systems range from 10 lines to nearly 200 lines in configuration as stand-alone as well as Personal Computer (PC) based systems. There are three different products in this category with various models.



The company has its head office and manufacturing facility in Karachi, Pakistan. The production, sales and support activities are carried out from these offices for southern region of the country. It has a regional marketing office in Lahore which is responsible for sales and support in the northern parts of the country. The firm currently comprises of around 100 employees with 70 based in Karachi and more than 30 in Lahore. It has a distributor for its products based in Islamabad and a network of dealers throughout the country. This network of re-sellers act as sales points as well as after-sales service centres.

The directors of the organisation are engineering professionals who themselves have been designing Telecommunication and Power Electronic systems since 1985. They are well conversant with the state-of-the-art technology and their urge to convert ideas into reality have prompted Systek to come up with products with unmatched features.

Systek (Private) Limited has emerged as leading electronic products manufacturer in the private sector within the country and has attained market leadership in sales as well as product technology in UPSs and EPABXs. The marketing of quality products and dependable after-sales support has earned the firm an enviable corporate image.



Systek (Private) Limited has embarked upon a very ambitious research and development program which stretches well into the 21st. century. Near future will witness the launch of new Telecommunication and Power Electronic products by it which would easily compete with any similar product in the international market. The company is very conscious about product quality and its continuous efforts in this direction have yielded tremendous results.

With Systek the journey has just begun. Although the firm has achieved quite a lot in such a small span of time yet it is brimming with determination to be the very best in whatever field its endeavours. Insha-Allah time will bear testimony to its rapid and persistent growth in times to come.